Introducing updates to Blockly and a mailing list for kids

A New Update to Blockly!

As part of our ongoing commitment to bring you the best experience with our apps and our Dash & Dot robots, we’ve made three key improvements to our Blockly app based on your feedback to us:

  • Sound Recording* – now you can record sounds on your tablet and use them in Dash & Dot!
  • More control on Dash’s movements – Dash can now turn in more angles and drive further with one block! Dash also knows when getting picked up or stuck.
  • Easier programming for younger learners – we’ve overhauled our controls so that now when you select a piece of code, you can visually see how it works on Dash & Dot! This is a much more intuitive way to code!

If you haven’t quite gotten to Blockly yet, please give it a try!Download the Blockly updates for iPad or Android tablets! As always, please send any feedback you have to

Check out our challenge of the week involving new features in Blockly to create your own superhero robot!

Join the Wonder League!

Loving the Dash & Dot Show, programming challenge of the week, and magazine? We now have a COPPA compliant email list for kids to get all the learning and fun directly in their inbox! Sign up with your child’s email address here.

As a parent, you will always get a copy of the emails we send to them, and we will never share your child’s email address. Please email us at if you have any questions!

* Because your child’s privacy is extremely important to us, we do not save the sounds you record to our servers. Sounds are saved to your device temporarily and on your robot until you record a new sound over it. Deleted or overwritten sounds cannot be restored.

The Dash & Dot Show on YouTube and May’s Wonder Magazine

This week Dash & Dot created something very special for you with their friends, Wally and Mimi! We are excited to introduce the Dash & Dot Show! Starting this week, you’ll see new episodes of the Dash & Dot show on YouTube every 2 weeks.

Watch as the dynamic duo embark on galactic quests, become robo-rockstars for a day, strut their stuff down the catwalk at Fashion Week, compete in piggyback jousts, and more. Join in on the fun by taking on the behind-the-scenes how-tos included with each episode. Check out the trailer and watch the first two episodes on YouTube here!

The first two episodes provide everything you need to get started with using Dash & Dot. Stay tuned for more adventures to come! Watch the videos here!

May 2015 Magazine 

This month’s issue of Wonder Magazine is all about costumes and role play. From superhero masks to runway fashion, costumes are a creative way to transform your robots. Learn how to create a superhero movie, program a runway walk, and send Dash through a maze. Find out how a group of students programmed their robots to do the Mexican Hat Dance. And discover more about the new sound recording feature that lets you transfer your own voice to the robots!



Let us know what you’d like see in future shows and magazines by emailing us at! As always, we are looking to feature awesome projects by the kids in our community. Email us or post on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with #makewonder!


Robot Workshop at the Apple Store, San Francisco May 17th!


Looking for something exciting to do this weekend with the kids?

Meet Dash & Dot at a free event at the Apple Store, San Francisco (Stockton Street). Discover a world of creativity, play, and coding! We have some very special activities up our sleeves including a maze, a creative art project, and exciting games to play against other visitors.

Kids (5-9) will use Dash & Dot and an iPad to complete fun challenges designed specifically for Apple Stores.

Event Details

Sunday, May 17th at 2:00 PM PST

Apple Store
1 Stockton Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

Limited space available for reservations. Walk-ins welcome!

Sign up here! Scroll down to “Upcoming Store Events and Workshops”, find the Sunday events, and click “Reserve”.

Introducing The Dash & Dot Show

You asked for new ways to engage with Dash & Dot, including video, and we listened. We’re super excited to introduce something new that we’ve been working on: The Dash & Dot Show, a YouTube series starring the robot duo and their friends Wally and Mimi.

Every two weeks we will post a new adventure. You’ll see Dash & Dot discovering an alien planet, rocking out in a robot band, taking over Robot Fashion Week, jousting on piggyback, and much more. Each episode includes how-tos and ideas for new ways to play with your own Dash and Dot!

So, you are probably already familiar with Dash and Dot. But what do you know about Wally and Mimi?


Wally, played by Dash Ferrero (yes, his real name is Dash) is 11 years old, and his favorite sports are soccer, parkour, and trampoline. He’s currently taking high school math, and he loves to play Minecraft and Magic The Gathering in his free time.


Mimi, played by Leilani Zaragoza, is 12 years old, and she likes to travel with her stuffed puppy. She’s an actor and singer, and we discovered that she’s also very good at freestyle rap. Her little sister is her biggest fan.

To film The Dash & Dot Show, we used a camera crew, including people to handle the cameras, sound, and props. Here’s a behind-the-scenes glimpse from one of the videos.


Remember to check out the trailer on YouTube and tell us what you think!

Updates to Path and Go just in time for Mother’s Day

We are excited to announce that we are launching voice recording in an update to Path and Go today, one of our most requested features to date. You can now record your voice* or any sound onto Dash & Dot through Go and Path!

We’ve also taken your feedback and made additional improvements to Path. You can now zoom in and out to make longer paths, measuring the distance with each grid as the length of Dash’s body. When Dash gets stuck, you can make Dash push through or reset the path. You can also add an effect that makes Dash wait before continuing on to the rest of the adventure!

Starting today, you can update both apps from the App Store or Google Play.

How to record your voice in Go

Challenge Idea: Use Dash to send a Mother’s Day message!

The app updates come just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, and we’ve included a special Mother’s Day challenge idea that you can use to make her day. Share your Mother’s Day surprise with the rest of the community on YouTube with #dashlovesmom!

Activity Details and Code

Newsflash! This just in…

We are also excited to share that Dash & Dot are now available at the Apple Store (U.S. and Canada)! It’s a big week for our lovable robots!

Stay tuned for more exciting news, updates and challenges. Keep sharing the great videos and stories of your creations with us!

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* Because your child’s privacy is extremely important to us, we do not save the sounds you record to our servers. Sounds are saved to your device temporarily and on your robot until you record a new sound over it. Deleted or overwritten sounds cannot be restored.

Max’s laser shooting, space junk collecting robot creations

We are excited to share a few projects created by one of our community members, Max (age 5) and his father in Ontario, Canada! They’ve transformed Dash & Dot into various space characters like laser shooters and junk collectors, and they even turned one of their video creations into a greeting card for grandma! Here are the instructions they sent us! 

Space Junk Collectors


  1. We first printed out images taken on Mars to simulate both the surface and the horizon
  2. We then taped the Mars surface down to a mat followed by attaching the Mars horizon to wooden blocks to hold up the background
  3. Dash has clear Laser Peg parts attached, including “Space Junk Sensors” in the front
  4. We created a Space Junk Tractor Beam by attaching a magnet to the front of Dash
  5. The Space Junk is in the form of paperclips so as Dash moves along, the Space Junk Tractor Beam (magnet) picks up the Junk
  6. Dash is pulling a Moon Rover which is made out of Lego and in turn the Moon Rover is pulling Dot along for the ride
  7. We attached Moon Rover wheels to Dot that are actually part of a Lego Monster Truck. Dot also has a laser beam/sensor


We plan on modifying this project slightly to include more of the Mars surface. At that point, we will place more Space Junk (paperclips) on the Mars surface and have Max figure out how to program Dash to pick up the most paperclips after they are placed in various patterns.

Space Laser Battle Bots


  1. We attached Laser Pegs to Dash & Dot
  2. We managed to attach the Laser Peg power/light module to Dash via the Lego type connectors on the Laser Peg power module (the brick connectors for Dash & Dot are very handy!)
  3. There are two “battles”, one of which is in the dark and features a full Laser Peg lighted battle

It’s great seeing kids use their imagination and the power of programming to bring their inventions to life! What kind of space bots will you create? Email us at, or tweet out your creations with #spacedash and #createwithcode!