Join the #createwithcode Twitter chat

Join the #createwithcode Twitter chat

It’s been absolutely amazing to see our community of teachers growing and students applying their knowledge of coding in creative ways. We are excited to start hosting a monthly Twitter chat to talk about all things related to robots, coding, making, creativity, and more! Each chat will be based around a topic and guest hosted by a teacher in our community.

We want teachers to engage with each other in an open, honest dialogue. There are no ground-rules other than: be respectful and be yourself. It’s totally ok to talk about other products or the challenges you are facing with Dash & Dot. This is a space for you.

Announcing our first #createwithcode Twitter chat

Join the #createwithcode Twitter chat

Inspiring Creativity with Coding, hosted by Jennie Magiera on Monday, April 27 from 6:45pm-7:45pm EST (that’s at 3:45pm PST).

Jennie is the Digital Learning Coordinator for the Academy for Urban School Leadership, a network of 32 neighborhood Chicago Public Schools. As an Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Teacher, White House Champion of Change, and Chicago Public School’s 2012 Tech Innovator of the Year, she have been exploring ways to redefine education through effective technology use. In 2010. She is passionate about making classrooms creative, innovative and outstanding places to learn. Check out her blog, and follow her on Twitter!

How to join a Twitter chat

For those who are not familiar with Twitter Chats, here’s a little guide for how to participate. Log onto Twitter using Twitter, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, or your Twitter app of choice.

Chats take place with a common hashtag. For our chat, the hashtag is #createwithcode. If you’re looking for the party, simply search #createwithcode using your favorite Twitter app, and you will see a stream of conversation. Participate simply by writing #createwithcode somewhere in each Tweet you post during the chat (usually at the end). Then your tweet will be tagged with everyone else who is in the chat!

If you’re using an app like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, we recommend putting two streams next to each other: one with the #createwithcode search, and one with your mentions. You’ll be able to follow the conversation while also seeing who’s talking to you!  Join the #createwithcode Twitter chat

Our Twitter chats are an hour long. You can join at any time or even just read along if you’re looking to learn before contributing. The first 5 minutes will be about introductions, the next 40 minutes will be hosted by the guest teacher in a Q/A format. During the last 15 minutes, we will turn it over to the rest of the participants. Have a question of your own to ask, or want to make a comment about something? This is your time to do it!

We are excited about our first Twitter chat and will be making changes and improvements as we learn more about what you want to talk about. Our philosophy is to learn a lot, be helpful, don’t take ourselves too seriously, and have fun along the way. Follow us at @wonderworkshop to get updates!

Have an idea for a topic, and want to host the next Twitter chat? Just email us at

Robot coding parties, after school programs, and camps in the Bay Area

Help your kids get the most out of Dash & Dot while making friends with fellow robot coders! In the last Wonder Magazine, we shared how you can host your own robot party. Our friends at Sparkiverse are hosting a series of summer camps, after school programs, and robot parties for local Bay Area kids!

Robot coding parties, after school programs, and camps in the Bay Area  Robot coding parties, after school programs, and camps in the Bay Area

Maze racing challenge

It’s a Dash-off! We placed foam bumpers on the ground with tape and programmed Dash to go through the maze as quickly as possible. The trick to speed is actually accuracy! Kids were able to measure the distance and debug their programs.

Robot coding parties, after school programs, and camps in the Bay Area Robot coding parties, after school programs, and camps in the Bay Area

Drawing with Dash

Getting loopy with art. Kids built their own pen attachments and made works of art on the floor!

Robot coding parties, after school programs, and camps in the Bay Area

Upcoming Events and Camps

Friday, April 17 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm in Palo AltoKids’ Night Out Robot Party organized by Sparkiverse. Parents drop off students for a few hours while they go have some fun of their own. Students participate in Dash & Dot racing and drawing competitions, mixed in with some cake and fun.

Sunday, April 26 from noon – 2pm in Palo AltoCreate with Code Robot Party organized by our user community. Get together with your fellow robot coders to share your projects and learn from one another!

June 22 – June 26 in Palo AltoWeek-long robot coding summer camp organized by Sparkiverse. This camp mixes tech sessions with art, outdoor activities, and good old camp fun like carnival and skits.

Sparkiverse also uses Dash & Dot robots in their after school coding programs at: Palo Verde Elementary, El Carmelo Elementary, Escondido Elementary, and Duveneck Elementary in Palo Alto as well as Oak Knoll Elementary in Menlo park. More campuses will be available in the fall. Want Dash & Dot to come to your school? Let us know!

Sign up for one of the events above, or email us at, and we can help you organize your own!

Introducing Teach Wonder

Introducing Teach WonderDid you know that Dash & Dot have made it to over 150 schools? That’s a lot of smiling and learning getting done!

Today we are launching a program called Teach Wonder that will provide teachers with resources, curricula, and community to make the most out of their experience with Dash & Dot.

Next week we will provide a Getting Started Guide, which will have everything you need to get off the ground running with Dash & Dot! And we will be releasing new curricula aligned to math, science, and ELA common core standards in the weeks and months to come. Our incredible community of teachers has already started putting together great lesson plans that we’ve consolidated on Pinterest.

If you’re using Dash & Dot in your classroom, please sign up below to get these updates!

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Introducing Teach WonderWant to bring Dash & Dot into your school?

This handy one-pager has everything you need to know about our learning objectives and educational pricing. Show it to your school, so they can learn more about how they can use Dash & Dot in the classroom.

Additionally, we recently launched a teacher ambassador program, where schools can raise money to use in any way they want, including bringing Dash & Dot into their schools for free! Simply sign up for a unique link, and then send it out to parents, friends, and your local community. For every purchase made from your link, 10% of proceeds will go directly back to the school. Sign up here.

We want to do everything we can to help you bring STEM to life with Dash & Dot, and as we grow we are always looking for contributors to our library of curricula! And we love featuring our teachers in our magazine, in the local news, and in our blog. If you would like to share any of your ideas, please email us at!

Oakland 2015: Robot Olympics at Joaquin Miller Elementary School

Oakland 2015: Robot Olympics at Joaquin Miller Elementary School

Back in February, the Girls Science Club at Joaquin Miller Elementary School in Oakland, CA held the Robot Olympics with Dash & Dot! Read all about it in this featured guest post.

Helene Moore has served as technology coordinator and computer lab instructor for Oakland Unified School District for 13 years, currently at Joaquin Miller Elementary. She is a proud parent of two thriving OUSD K-12 alumni.

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All apps now available on Android

We are happy to announce that Path and Xylo are now available in the Google Play store for Android users! Go and Blockly have also been updated with robot animations, performance improvements, and support for x86 devices. Thank you for your patience as our team worked hard to bring all four apps to the Android community.

Go to all apps

Please view our full list of supported devices here. We now support 15 Android devices including the Nexus 9, Galaxy Tab, and Galaxy Note.  As we test with other devices and expand our compatibility, we will continue to update this list. We also support Nexus 7 (2013), but apps on this device are limited to connecting to one robot at a time. For more details, visit our FAQ.


Introducing Wonder Magazine!

Introducing Wonder Magazine!

In addition to our robots and apps, we are releasing a bi-weekly magazine that gives you fun ideas for things to do with Dash & Dot. Our artists, play designers, educational content creators, and entire community have come together to bring it to your inbox. We are also always looking for wonder(ful) projects from around our community, so if you have created something you’d like to share, submit it here!

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